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Facilities Management in the Cloud: for the Enterprise and More


Helps You Work More Efficiently

Manage your land and buildings and provide outstanding tenant service with an affordable software solution that lets you focus on maximizing economic and social benefits for the communities served by your port.

Facilitate365 for Ports offers a complete solution for managing activities across your port operations, from land, facility and drayage management to tenant leases, receivables and document management. Facilitate365 automates processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications and analytics to help increase efficiency and improve decision-making.

Product Highlights

Work Order Management

Create, fulfill, update and close work orders in the Facilitate365 for Parks & Recreation centralized database. Mobile applications give workers in the field the convenience of creating, updating and closing work orders without having to return to the office.

Preventive Maintenance

Extend the Facilitate365 for Parks & Recreation and concessions management platform and add integrated modules for construction management, tenant portals, inventory control, and more.

Document Management

Document management functionality will redefine how you process documents. Documents converted to digital files are organized, stored, and accessible from within the system. For example, users can obtain concession agreements from the tenant screen, GIS and noise contour maps from the site screen, and copies of rental payments and invoices through the receivables screen.

Critical Dates & Notifications

Critical dates, tasks, and notifications are an integral part of the Facilitate365 for Parks & Recreation system. Dates, tasks, and email notifications display directly on the user’s dashboard so that important deadlines are never missed. You can automate tasks or email notifications based on critical dates that you define.

Dedicated Server

Core Facilitate365 applications are deployed so that in the event of a data center or individual equipment failure, there is sufficient capacity to enable traffic to be load-balanced and rerouted to the remaining sites.

Professional Services

Facilitate365 delivers customized service in support of our products through our experienced services team. Team members work closely with you in setting up your system, converting your data, and training your staff. We help you plan, execute, and test your new system so that you are up and running. To ensure a smooth and timely implementation, we assign a project team to guide you through the process, as well as a dedicated account manager to carry you through project completion.

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