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Facilities Management in the Cloud: for the Enterprise and More

Our Technology.

Secure, Cloud-Based FM Software to protect your brand

Like any technology deployment today, ensuring your facilities management (FM) system is secure, can scale, is regularly backed up, is redundant, runs at peak performance, and can recover from any unforeseen disaster is paramount. Facilitate365’s platform has been designed to support the world’s leading multi-site enterprises and organizations. All of our clients benefit from our powerful, flexible and secure technology infrastructure, whether they have 50 locations or 5,000.

Advantages of Cloud-based services

Facilitate365 applications and data are hosted by a highly reliable, secure and scalable platform, RackSpace Services. Located in the cloud, RackSpace Services powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in almost 200 countries. Cloud-based services free you from continual capex requirements; you’re no longer forced to buy and maintain computing infrastructure or limited by hardware constraints.

Core Facilitate365 Cloud Principles


All Facilitate365 client data is redundantly stored and distributed in data centers across multiple physical locations.


By utilizing cloud-based deployment, we isolate our application from our clients’ internal servers, therefore eliminating any chances of unauthorized access to our clients’ internal systems. Contractors and suppliers never access your internal systems.

Automated Backups

All Facilitate365 client data is automatically backed up on a scheduled basis and stored in multiple locations.

Disaster Recovery

Core Facilitate365 applications are deployed so that in the event of a data center or individual equipment failure, there is sufficient capacity to enable traffic to be load-balanced and rerouted to the remaining sites.

Application Security & Encription

Facilitate365 currently uses SSL certificates offering 256-bit encryption (“strong SSL security”). These are among the best secure server software (SSL) available today for secure service transactions.

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