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Customer Success: Overland, Pacific & Cutler.


Overland, Pacific & Cutler (OPC) was established in 1980 to provide professional services for public agencies and the private sector.

Their nine offices offer right of way and real estate services for over 600 properties included in the transportation, housing and development, energy and utilities, and public sector industries, throughout California, Arizona and Texas.


With over 600 properties to manage for various cities throughout Southern California, the work load for OPC was becoming very difficult to keep up with and their growth was slowing down. When they contacted Facilitate365 their primary requirements were: cloud based, easy to use, mobile, the ability to attach pictures to work orders from cell phones, the ability to update work onsite, upon completion and customized reporting.


OPC worked with Facilitate365’s support staff and implemented the system to all 600 properties over the course of one month, including staff training. In addition, OPC worked with Facilitate365’s Solution Center to create a series of custom reports that provided client compliance.


Within two months of using Facilitate365 OPC gained control of the backlog of work. The custom reports satisfied the clients immediately and saved OPC staff over a week per month generating reports.

Facilitate365 was successfully being used to capture before and after pictures to all work orders from field staff cell phones. OPC’s growth also began to pick up as they added new projects in Arizona and Texas as a result of the time savings they received from Easyworkorder.

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Quick Facts

Overland, Pacific & Cutler

  • Provides right of way and real estate services for public agencies and the private sector
  • Manage over 600 properties properties
  • Serves Southern California, Arizona and Texas


  • Work load getting backlogged
  • Company growth slowing due to backlog of work
  • Additional inefficiencies caused by a failing system


  • Mobility for all field staff
  • Customized reports through Facilitate365’s Solution Center
  • Real time updates
  • At-a-glance desktop that provided visibility into entire company‚Äôs work load


  • Savings of over 60 minutes per work order
  • Savings of over a week per month generating reports
  • Improved efficiencies with staff in the field and in offices
  • Increased customer growth to Arizona and Texas
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