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Customer Success: Goodman Real Estate.

Ease of use and intuitiveness wins out.

Easyworkorder succeeds where a competitor falls short.


Founded in 1980 by John Goodman, Goodman Real Estate, Inc. (GRE) is a leading privately held real estate investment company specializing in multifamily and commercial real estate. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, they maintain a diversified portfolio of quality commercial property investments across the United States and Canada.

Their managed assets are valued at more than $2.5 billion and their portfolio spans the spectrum of risk-adjusted investments: multi-family construction; hotels and resorts; office and retail buildings; land development; and structured investments.


For a a couple of years Goodman and staff used a competitor’s work order management solution and found it exceptionally difficult to use: complicated, hard to use, difficult to figure out.

To begin managing their growing list of service requests, Goodman desperately needed a solution; however, this time they decided to find one that was easy to use, intuitive and could be rolled out quickly to staff and tenants.


In 2012, Facilitate365 implemented its solution to all 2+ million square feet and provided training to all staff within two weeks. The fact that Facilitate365 is so easy to use and intuitive made it seamless for Goodman’s tenants to get on board, with training per tenant taking less than five minutes each.


Within two months, Goodman staff had gained control over their growing work load. The tenants all embraced the login portal. That they could track the progress of each request they submitted and see the running chronology of activity helped improve communication between them and Goodman’s management staff. Goodman also found the Certificate of Insurance module an essential feature- something that was missing from their previous system. Three years later, Goodman Real Estate continues to use and benefit from Facilitate365 and is now utilizing its mobile capabilities with very good success.

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Quick Facts

Goodman Real Estate

  • A leading privately held real estate investment company specializing in multifamily and commercial real estate
  • Manages a commercial portfolio that exceeds 2 million square feet
  • Managed assets valued at more than $2.5 billion


  • Dissatisfied with a competitor’s work order management solution
  • Need a cloud solution that was simple to use and intuitive
  • Mobile, so engineers can update work in the field


  • Login portals for tenants at 2+ million square feet
  • Run system on mobile phones and devices
  • Sophisticated messaging and preventative maintenance
  • At-a-glance desktop that provides visibility into entire department’s work load


  • Implemented in two weeks, including training for staff and tenants
  • Regained control of growing list of backlogged work requests
  • Improved communication with staff and tenants
  • Tenant training took less than 5 minutes per tenant
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